What We Do

Incorporated in Nigeria, Florian Kole provides a range of financial advisory and facilitation services to its clients across the West African sub region. Generally, the firm’s business areas span:

  • Trade Finance Advisory and Facilitation
  • Project Finance Advisory and Structuring
  • Supply Chain Management and Finance Solutions
  • Soft Commodities Trading and Warehousing
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Business Origination and Market Intelligence

Trade Finance Facilitation and Advisory:

A growing number of indigenous African firms seek to develop external business relations for trade and investment; simultaneously, a good number of foreign firms are willing to cultivate trade relations with West African counterparts, but are inhibited by negative country perceptions or apprehensions of counterparty related risks. At Florian Kole, we mediate to nurture healthy trading partnerships between indigenous businesses (SMEs) and foreign counterparts, serving as a trusted intermediary and designing cost efficient and mutually acceptable transaction structures, to ease fears of non-performance and payment default of both parties.

We also provide advisory services on discretionary trade solutions, arranging alternative funding options for importers and exporters alike where necessary.

Project Finance Advisory and Structuring:

Access to funding for project financing is a major challenge for many emerging market businesses, particularly in the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment. For projects that reach financial closure, only a few continue to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Florian Kole’s involvement in Project Finance transactions encompasses deal origination, structuring and execution of commercially viable projects. Our deal structuring services involves tailoring bespoke financing arrangements which help optimize our client’s balance sheet, thus positioning them to attract improved terms for commercial bank debt, multilateral funding and support, equity capital and credit enhancement. In simple terms we help convert good ideas to bankable projects.

We also assist financing partners in the coordination of project due diligence, advising on key risks mitigation taking into account the projects objectives.

Supply Chain Finance Solutions:

At FK, we work with our clients to help create supply chain synergies and manage risks by offering two way outsourcing services. We also tailor bespoke financing structures suited to meet their working capital and procurement needs. In addition, we purchase and discount financing instruments such as invoices, warehouse receipts, accepted LPO’s, draft LCs and avalized bills.

Soft Commodities Trading & Warehousing:

Florian Kole actively invests in soft commodity assets (both physical and financial instruments), providing risk management and yield-enhancing solutions across the commodity spectrum in local markets.

We also offer sourcing and warehousing services as well as collateral management arrangements for our clients, working through, our network of agents and buyers and using our storage facilities to warehouse produce in preparation for export or onward delivery to local buyers.

Business Development & Market Intelligence:

Nuances in the local regulatory and business environments across the West African sub-region have substantially altered the fortunes of many businesses with widely varied impacts across countries and sectors. Access to information and the ability to accurately interpret and anticipate trends, is therefore critical to staying competitive.

Through our market intelligence and business linkage services, we cater to the needs of foreign firms seeking a seamless entry point for investing in West Africa. This involves partnering with strategic investors to originate bankable projects for their consideration and possible execution.

Similarly, we establish business linkages and export development facilities for local firms seeking to pursue opportunities for cross border trade or integration into regional and global supply chains.

Client Training:

We provide a range of training and capacity building services on various aspects of finance including project finance, trade and supply chain finance, commodities, syndications, foreign exchange, compliance and risk mitigation.